Your Life Your Responsibility

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So, things are not going your way.

Today feels like yesterday, last week, a year ago. It seems nothing changes for the better.

You can complain all day long to whom ever will listen, your long suffering partner, friend, therapist, woman in the newsagents, hairdresser, taxi driver.

You can add arms and legs to the never-ending saga. You can blame the world and it’s mother. You can try to change everyone around you, so that you will feel better and cry into your pillow at night saying nobody cares.

You think you have tried everything and that nothing works, that “this is it” for you, forever more.

You can threaten to leave, to give up or worse. You can continually focus your attention on the doom and gloom.

Does this sound like you?


Take a moment, take a breath, take a break.

I know, I hear you….. this sh*t doesn’t work!

“Don’t try that woowoo stuff on me. I’ve tried meditation but I can’t sit still, I’ve been to hotyoga, I thought I was going to die, I’ve read ten books (well, I bought them and I opened them and I read the first few pages, but sigh I’m different, I’m beyond help!)….”

Sadly, I hear this a lot and while you might detect some humour in what I’ve written, I’m actually very serious about helping people.

I tend to not sugar coat situations for clients or tell them what they want to hear necessarily because that does not work. The truth will set you free.

On the other hand, while it may take longer to accept, I let my clients know that their life is their responsibility. It sounds stern and firm but it’s honest and it changes everything.

When this truth is absorbed, then freedom from all the pains, emotional, mental, physical can be released.

Being in the energy of deliberately creating your life means –

• Accepting that you can only start from where you are.
• Getting out of the blame game, no more pointing fingers.
• Setting healthy boundaries.
• Taking daily action to collaborate with your subconscious mind.
• Choosing to choose nourishing choices even if they seem tedious.
• Reviewing your life regularly, see what needs to change.
• Create a vision of your future.
• Consciously create your day, everyday.
• Release habits that drain your resources.

Taking a leap of faith in yourself, knowing that all the reasons why you feel stuck, trapped or unworthy are coming from beneath the surface and the power to unlock them lies within you.

Sinead CarrollComment