Why you must be in love with yourself

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I was eleven and in school when a nun who had returned from the missions in Africa asked my class to raise our hand if we loved ourselves.

Only one girl put her hand up out of a class of twenty-eight. Her name was Sandra and she was one of the most confident girls I knew. She did martial arts as a hobby and was physically strong and very pretty.

I remember to this day thinking about what everyone else would think about me if I were to put my hand up and openly declare I loved myself. I also recall some inner confusion, the truth was I didn’t actually know if I did love myself.

In my upbringing, any outward self-appraisal was discouraged even though I was encouraged in many ways to follow what I wanted to do in my life. Self-praise was deemed to be arrogant and improper, hence the confusion.

Thankfully, I have studied with some amazing teachers and have learned through the research, that self-praise is the antidote to self-judgment and self-criticism, both of which can lead to depression and feelings of low self-esteem.

When we don’t like or love ourselves, we fall short of living to our fullest potential and settle all too often for mediocrity. The inner voice can tell us to stay as we are because it’s safer and all too often it tells us it’s big advice, “Don’t do it, you might FAIL!”

Further studies are telling us of the importance of loving ourselves first and feeling self-fulfilled so that we are not expecting the outside world to satisfy any void or empty space, we may feel inside.

When we heed this advise, our relationships and careers will be healthier. We must acknowledge that our life is our responsibility and loving ourselves, needs to be on top of the list of priorities.

So, if you have been confused too about whether to love yourself or not, I hope you will let this in and begin a practice of telling yourself every day – “I love you” as you look in the mirror. If you find that difficult to say, you could try “I am learning to love you.”

Tell yourself ‘YOU ARE ENOUGH!’

Write it on your mirror in lipstick or eyeliner.

Set a phone alert throughout the day with those words.

Keep reminding yourself of this fact. Your mind learns by repetition.

Tell the children in your life that they are enough and that it is vital that they love themselves exactly as they are.

It takes a village to raise a child.

Wouldn’t you have appreciated someone telling you it’s ok to love yourself when you were a child?

That nun told me and I have been fascinated with the mind and it’s power ever since.

Make sure to practice self-love today.

In the meantime, keep smiling, growing and having fun.

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love Pauline x

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