YES! You are on the right track!

Pauline Rohidch

Instead of teetering on the edge of possibility, heart racing, terrified of failure and frozen in passivity, why not actually say to yourself – “What if, I CAN achieve this?”  

The alternative is to remain stuck, numb and full of regret. The question to yourself might then be – “What if I could have done it?”

It’s generally not good to live with regrets, it’s painful and discouraging.

Step out of your usual routine today and step in to what is possible without your fear of failing at it.  

I know, you know that there is SOMETHING inside you, telling you to share an idea or create a situation or a tangible thing, that will bear your imprint and hold your energy.

It’s NOT going away!!!

Just imagine what that would feel like to now, honour that impulse and go for it …

It’s not about being perfect or knowing exactly how it will work out…. you’re on track when ~

You feel a buzz of terror that you quickly turn into excitement!

You know you’ve pushed past your “comfort zone”.

You are indifferent to others opinions and criticisms.

You know mistakes are part of life.

You understand your tormentors are in fact you’re mentors.

You embrace uncertainty and detach from the outcome.

You have DECIDED to play full out regardless of the outcome.

Take a chance on your life, you don’t know where taking that first step will lead you to and that’s the whole point!

Let Go and Live

Sinead CarrollComment