I am enough.. Interview with Dermot & Dave Today fm

Dermot & Dave Show

There's no doubt about it when it comes to finding fault, we are all our own worst critics.

Notions like "I can't" or "that's stupid" creep into our psyche on a regular basis and it can be quite inhibiting for certain people.

Did you know that 80% of our thoughts are negative? This figure is sure to explain why most of us have limited beliefs.

So if this sounds familiar, which I'm sure it does, then let me as a hypnotherapist and Happiness Trainer share some very practical advice and methods to help you become more positive in life.

Startling 80% statistic above and reveals that the common denominator of all our emotional issues is actually this phrase 'I'm not enough'".

Whatever we give our attention to is going to grow, meaning we need to nurture our mindfulness and make that shift to a positive mental attitude via repetition and taking back power from the past.

Thanks Dermot and Dave at Today fm for the opportunity to share my passion in helping people move past their limitations and become free to know that they are enough just because.