As the creator of Just Pause, my passion is to encourage you to remember to take the time to hit the ‘pause’ button, to review your life, so you can see easily where you need to put your focus and make more nourishing choices. 

Live with greater awareness.

Your Life

The TRUTH is that you are a magnificent being, born to live a fulfilling life, using your unique gifts and talents.

Sometimes you can forget that fact and feel lost and confused. When the demands of our families, work, business, health, and finances become overwhelming we often become stressed. Bad habits creep in and before we know it we feel as if everything is out of control.This is when fear usually pays a visit and when fear takes over we turn against ourselves, finding fault and criticising and judging our actions and decisions.

Why Pause?

Pausing allows you the opportunity to review your life and to gain a fresh perspective, to re-evaluate, so you can honestly address and let go of the things that no longer serve you. Hitting the pause button every so often will re-energise you physically and mentally. It’s, about consciously taking that moment in time, to Be where you are. When you pause you can really notice if your situation warrants the panic and anxiety, so you can question your responses and accurately assess the situation. It allows you to appreciate what is in your life and place your focus on what is actually working for you.

Pause and Observe

What this actually invites you to do is to notice how you feel, become aware of your breathing, your thoughts, and your body. It’s about being open, calm, patient and solution focused.

Yoga and meditation are wonderful practices to help introduce this way of being, so that when you’re off your yoga mat and in your busy life, the wisdom from within can surface and change how you are interacting, communicating and honouring yourself in any situation.

I hear it all the time from my clients, of how they arerespondingso differently in their lives with new insights gained from pausing and utilising the mindfulness techniques in our sessions.

It is without a doubt that in the day to day events, that you need to take these deliberate pause breaks more. Whether you are feeling scared, stressed and overwhelmed, know that you have within you, your own inner guidance that has got your back 24/7. You just need to tune in.

My Programmes

My programmes are tailored to suit your needs at whatever stage you are at right now.

You will begin with a consultation and a powerful RTT session to remove“unfinished business”in the subconscious mind, followed by a reprogramming of a new belief system, that will free you up enormously. I will make for you a bespoke hypnotic recording, that you will listen to for at least 21 days. I will be in touch with you weekly and follow up with a final call to review how you are overall. You can also avail of life coaching, helping you to achieve your goals with me by your side,cheering you on.I offer guidance, mentorship and anything that will empower you to find success. Also, I include the opportunity to learn Primordial Sound Meditation, where you receive your personal mantra, based on your date, time and place of birth. This will change your life.

It’s time to invest in yourself.

Align to Attract

You can attract what you want into your life when you are energetically aligned with it. You must become the magnet and draw to you what you desire. You will be taught this on many of my programmes and courses.

Another thing to note here is that the quick fixes, whilst wonderful, such as spa breaks, new shoes, and prosecco don’t help you in the long run and in fact, is over time an expense you could do without. Whatever level you decide to choose, you will receive my full commitment and resources to help you as much as possible. I am very candid and honest in my approach, whilst delivering the therapy, mindfulness techniques and coaching in a very loving and compassionate way.

Taking Ownership of You

Remember your life is your responsibility 100% and it is time to take back your personal power, to live your life being the very best version of yourself and to become a healthy, confident, conscious choice maker.

The only opinion of you that matters is yours. “If you wish to achieve worthwhile things in your personal and career life, you must become a worthwhile person in your own self-development.” – Brian Tracy