Helping you to live a Happier life -

Are you someone who thinks happiness is not available to you?

Do you say things to yourself like, "I'll be happy when ...I get promoted or finish my studies or find a life partner or have a baby?"

Do you believe that you need to be successful in order to be happy?

As a Happy for No Reason trainer, I am running seminars and incorporating these techniques into my Rapid Transformational Therapy and coaching practise to help my clients gain a new perspective on their life and live in a state of unconditional happiness.

So whether you are attending one of my events or coming to me as a private client, here's what you can expect to learn -

  1. A new definition for Happy.

  2. How to raise your Happiness set point.

  3. The Keys to cultivating Happiness in your life right now.

  4. How to create good Happiness Habits.

  5. A 7-step holistic programme to building your inner home for Happiness.

The main benefits are that you will learn how to expand your ability to experience happiness in all aspects of your life -

  • Taking responsibility.

  • Make Your Mind your ally.

  • Make Your Cells Happy.

  • Plug in to Spirit

  • Live a Life inspired by Purpose.

  • Let love lead in your life.

  • Build nourishing relationships.

  • Recognise you already have within you the ability to live in a state of joy.

  • The habits that happy people have mastered.

  • Becoming Happy no matter what.

Happy people are more fulfilled, relaxed, and peaceful. They naturally have greater opportunities, better health, more fulfilling relationships, bigger success, and so on. You can, too!

The seminar promises to be informative, interactive, inspirational and entertaining.  You will discover how to raise your happiness set-point and experience a deeper, more permanent state of happiness, regardless of your external circumstances.

Say Yes to Happiness combines top notch research, psychological practicality and great spiritual depth, allowing you to take the steps to become happier right now.

I am excited to share these teachings and techniques with you, so you can expand in unconditional happiness and change your health, wealth and relationships.

The search for happiness begins and ends inside us.

It is only possible to live happily ever after on a day to day basis
— Margaret Bonnano